Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • The science and stucture of presenting

    • Spectacular starts

    • Crafting messages that matter

  2. 2
    • The art of telling great stories

    • Creating engagement and interaction

    • Mastering method and delivery

  3. 3
    • Designing great PowerPoint

    • Fantastic finishes

    • How to practice and overcome stage fright

  4. 4
    • Live presentation design workshop - Long play version

    • Live presentation design workshop - Short play version

  5. 5
    • Building workshops

Camille O'Connor

Presenter & Trainer

The best presenter training I’ve ever done. Entertaining to listen to. Great templates and concepts that are easy to apply.

Broni McSweeney

Catch Fitness

Sacha and Ish are two of my all-time fav presenters. Their keynotes at FitEx are still etched into my mind as the best I've seen. You're learning from the best!

Arthur Gerards

Trainer Ironman Magician

Learn like you’re listening to a podcast. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!

Shayne O'Connor

Professional Coach for Perspective Coaching & Consulting.

“I thought to be a great speaker you had to have a combination of natural ability and experience. This program made me realise that anyone can be a great speaker”.

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